fishing lure factory production how to make product build lure

Fishing lure factory

Fishing lure factory: design and production

After 30 years practicing fishing lure bothly freshwater and saltwater we establish our own experiment thru our fishing lure factory to provide the best plug for pike fishing, musky, pike perch and saltwater fish species.

fishing lure factory production order how to make design fishing lures

From this knowledges we devellop several mold hard bait, soft lure, lead lure (small jig for jigging fish tactics), jig head and high quality tackle permit our fishing lure factory to developp our sport week after week from our concept.

We mix our 3d artist competences thru our factory process thru fish specific specie to target efficiency your goal.

Our fabrication (production lure) own its own fishing lure factory process permit to make dream come true. We use high quality material can come from japan and producing for some partner ship japanese fishing lure brand very popular.

Fishing lure tackle and bait are developping fish educations make them become harder to seduce on classical bait, our fishing lure factory objective is to bring you best for your next fishing game.

Fishing lure factory: from concept to reality

Our process are based on latest technology bothly use CNC machine and 3d artistic renderer to offer the best quality from our factory.

fishing lure factory how to make lure produce build soft lure bass musky pike fishing

We already developp several models for some popular brand thru their respective market (USA, Japan and Europe), our fishing lure factory from concept (fishing lure design) to mass production can offer short delay to let you establish leader position on fishing lure market.

Conception and production thru our factory is our speciality permit us to establish together quickly your first step conception including all specifications required of your project, don’t hesitat to visit our facebook design page and drop us message to get in contact.

fishing lure factory design how to make bass lures fishing pike musky

Fishing lure factory: from 3d art to optimal bait

Developping such a perfect bait thru our fishing lure factory require experiments and share to give life to your loved original idea. Our philosophy is to make unity between latest technology, high quality material and 3d artistic rendering to offer fishing lure with great action.

Our Facebook Page to check some design and drop us request <<<CLICK TO CONTACT US

Fishing lure factory
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