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Fishing lure design production

Fishing lure design production: our knowledges

Have been fishing for those last 25 years in both fresh & saltwater area, permit us to propose & concept fishing lure design production for precise species or specific tactifs fishing (finesse fishing, saltwater jigging, bass fishing). Able to concept, design and produce for your brand part of your lure’s range from small trout minnow , bass topwater, wobbler, long and shortbill minnow to jigging plug (slow jig, classic jigging, casting jig, madai jig, tai kabura …).

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Bass, musky, perch, zander and many saltwater species have been more and more well educated to detect classic lure action, reason why our fishing experiments and our knowledge in 3D concept permit to make innovation in our fishing lure design production, to offer novative bait for hard to fish some predators.

Fishing lure design production: designing and producing part of your brand

We’ve been produced for some international and european famous fishing lure brand and are able to elaborate together fishing lure design production can fit some precise water area (both fresh and saltwater). You can drop us message thru our facebook fan page to discuss about strategics axis points around your brand image or specific fishing target (fishing area, specific species, fishing style, …). We can concept and produce soft lure shad and finess, wobbler, crankbait, jerbkait, lipless lure, vibration, swimbait, jig head ,slow jig and many tackle you need.

We can propose you to list together speficifications of your project to let us start 3D fishing lure engineering post production to detail your fishing lure design production as soon.

Two main factory we own are assuming our second step fishing lure design production at best price, value and margin for your brand (lure finition, packing and pricing).

Our two fishing lure factory production, one is our own (fishing lure design production) permit us to concept and produce our self one established project together as best delay time sampling and production.

We suggest to visit our official facebook fanpage wich present some 3d fishing lure design production and offer you possibility to get in contact with us by posting a private message.

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Fishing lure design production
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